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There are 2 great ways to get your kids involved in junior tennis tournaments!

​Country Club


Junior Tournaments

The USPTA Junior Tournaments are a great way to get your kids started in tennis tournaments and are hosted by the United States Professional Teaching Association. These tournaments are more beginner friendly and allow coaching throughout the match. This offers a less intimidating setting for you children and allows them to get used to playing tournaments.



There’s local competition at all levels: entry-level, intermediate and advanced. And as you advance, you could very well end up competing at national-level tournaments, of which there are many. There are the USTA National Championships, National Opens, Team Championships, Regional Tournaments and International Tournaments. These tournaments require a USTA Membership

Between the ages of 12-18, there are few different levels of tournaments. The first two tournaments are open enrollment and the rest are based on rankings. They are as follows:

Challenger Level                                Introductory and recreational

Open Level                                         Intermediate competition

Championship Level                         Advanced competition; selections based on rankings

Super Series Level                             Advanced competition; selections based on rankings

Excellence Level                                Advanced competition; selections based on rankings and

ratings; counts toward national


Sectional Championship                  Highest tier of competition 

counts toward national ranking

Year-End Masters                             Elite competition for the top NorCal players in each

age division


For more information, visit NorCal USTA's Junior Tournaments page.

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